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Introduction to Project Management

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Introduction to Project Management Overview

New from best-selling author Kathy Schwalbe, Introduction to Project Management offers a general yet concise introduction to project management. This book provides up-to-date information on how good project, program, and portfolio management can help you achieve organizational success. It includes over 50 samples of tools and techniques applied to one large project, and is suitable for all majors, including business, engineering, healthcare, and more.

Introduction to Project Management Table Of Content

1. Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. 2. Project, Program, and Portfolio Selection. 3. Initiating Projects. 4. Planning Projects, Part 1 (Project Integration, Scope, Time, and Cost Management). 5. Planning Projects, Part 2 (Project Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, and Procurement Management). 6. Executing Projects. 7. Monitoring and Controlling Projects. 8. Closing Projects and Best Practices. Appendix A: Resources. Appendix B: Fissure Project Management Simulation.

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